What is Human Development? Poem


What is Human Development?

It all starts from the very beginning…

Before a human even starts thinking

And even before the heart starts beating

It all starts at conception

When the egg and sperm engage in flirtation

That’s when it all begins

As conception takes place

The genetics and DNA become reality

And then forms a baby, for all to see

The birds and the bees

The grass and the trees

All connected through the process of development

As one big family

Top 10 Places to Visit in Michigan


I am a Michigander and have had the privilege of living in this beautiful state my entire life. This state has a beautiful environment and a variety of ecosystems. Anything from rivers and the Great Lakes to huge cities and sand dunes, Michigan has it all. The following are my top 10 places to visit in Michigan.

1. Silver Beach St. Joe

2. The Sleeping Bear Dunes in Traverse City

3. Mackinaw… the City, the Bridge and the Island

4. Grand Rapids

5. Ann Arbor

6. Munising

7. Lansing

8. Marquette

9. South Haven

10. Holland

Getting the Call From the Social Worker


The last week of April, which was the middle of finals week, I received a call from the social worker. This was the same social worker I had called a month ago and left a message stating that I was not doing well. I answered the phone, not realizing it was her until I answered. She said she had called me a few days after I left a message and didn’t hear back…. I don’t remember ever receiving that call.

Throughout the conversation, we discussed my emotional and mental stability and how I was doing overall. As much as I appreciated her calling to check on me, I was still very angry. I still found it very upsetting that when I was pregnant I was offered a social worker immediately. However, I was never offered a social worker or any resources once I miscarried… besides when I requested to speak with a Chaplin. During this conversation I decided to express my anger to the social worker. I tried to not be rude but certainly adamant about my anger and how I was treated. As the conversation continued, the social worker asked me if I had ever received the folder from the OB office full of resources and information on what to expect after a miscarriage. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I was supposed to be offered a folder full of resources and NEVER RECEIVED THEM! I had fallen through the cracks and this enraged me.

A few days later, I received the folder from the OB office in the mail. As I went through the folder I discovered resources on grief, counseling, lactating etc. I discovered dozens of resources that would have been nice to have two months ago, but now I no longer needed. I found it sad that I was not offered these resources when I needed them. But more than that, it sickened me to think of all the other women who fall between the cracks when it comes to recovery after miscarriage. This not only motivated me but strongly encouraged my passion to advocate for moms like me.

The Dreams


The days, weeks and months after my miscarriage, I had lots of things happen in my sleep. Some nights I had night terrors. Some nights I woke up in pain. Some nights I slept very peacefully. While there are other nights, I have had some very detailed dreams that have given me peace and comfort.

The Dream About the Giggling Baby…

There was one dream I had about a month after my D & C. I was sitting on my couch in the living room, and in front of me laid a baby. The baby was in a bouncer wearing a sweet pink sleeper. The baby looked to be a few months old. She had a smile that lit up the room. Her eyes were big and dark brown. Her skin was of a sweet completion that resembled chocolate milk. I sat on the couch cooing and playing with the baby. The baby giggled and smiled back at me. I then remember saying “What’s your name? Is it Mackenzie?… No silly!” I then woke up with a huge smile on my face. I was so happy. The dream felt so real. I thought about the dream for a moment and then was slightly confused. What was the baby’s name?

The Dream About the Little Girl with Curly Hair…

About two months after my D & C, I had a dream about a little girl with black curly hair. She looked to be about 5 and very active. I watched her from a front room window playing outside. She was chasing a butterfly. It was beautiful. Having that dream was almost like God sending me a message, and telling me my little girl Mackenzie was okay.

The Dream About Being Pregnant Again…

I recently had a dream I was pregnant again. In this dream I was in a field taking maternity pictures with my husband. I was smiling. I was happy and I was healthy. When I woke up from the dream I was crying with happiness. A few months ago, I never would have thought that being pregnant again would make me so happy.

I’m thankful for the dreams. Even if these dreams don’t exactly come true the way I hope… they at least give me comfort. ❤️

I Am


The following is a healing art activity I did in my internship. This exercise was not only therapeutic but also enjoyable. This poem has a more lighter tone to it, and I found it quite whimsical to write. I hope you enjoy! ❤️

I Am


I wonder about my FUTURE

I hear the BIRDS singing

I see a beautiful SUNSET

I want a RAINBOW baby

I AM kind and gentle

I pretend I am a PRINCESS

I feel my GUARDIAN angel’s wings

I touch the TREE of life

I worry about having another MISCARRIAGE

I cry for my BABY

I am kind and GENTLE

I understand the meaning of LOVE

I say CHILDREN are our future

I dream about being a MOMMY

I try to be the BEST I can be

I hope to be a successful WRITER

I am KIND and gentle

People Who Inspire Me: Meet Alli


Alli and I have been friends for 11 years. Ironically enough, we met at her house during a Boy Scout event for her brother. I anxiously had to pee while at her house and she generously invited me in to use her bathroom. After that, her sister Andrea asked me to play volleyball and the rest is history. We have a running joke that if if weren’t for Jesus and my bladder, we wouldn’t have become friends. So thank you Jesus for my blessed bladder.

As much as Alli and I are friends, I think we are more opposite than alike. Alli is incredibly bold and adventurous. However, I am timid and like to play it safe. Alli likes to be physically and academically challenged. Where as I like to be more spiritually and emotionally challenged. Alli is great at observing and listening. I’m like that too, except for when I am with her, Then I am a huge chatter box.

In many ways Alli and I are alike. For instance we both have a similar sense of humor. Alli and I are constantly sending each other different memes and videos just to get the other to laugh. It’s great! We also tend to like to do the same activities including, swimming, shopping… especially at Hobby Lobby, going to the beach, eating chocolate, drinking coffee, being crafty and simply enjoying nature.

To say I’m proud of Alli seems like such an understatement. She is such an incredible inspiration, and I feel so honored to know her. Alli is a paramedic first responder. She does the work that many don’t want to do. She has seen, heard, and experienced things that no human ever should. She works on holidays, long shifts and takes long commutes all to save lives and help her patients. She’s a life saver. She’s seen the bad and the ugly, but has also helped every day people. She has a very important career and that in itself is truly inspiring to me.

When Alli isn’t working and saving lives, she is often either taking some self care and relaxing or spending time with her friends and family. Alli is a rare gem. She is one of those friends who actually puts effort into a friendship. She is also willing to keep in touch, and check in just to see if you are doing okay. I love her so much! Her dedication and loyalty as a friend and human is simply incredible.

Though life isn’t always perfect, and we all have ups and downs in life. When Alli needs a little more unconditional love, she often finds it in helping animals. She is so good with all animals, I am slightly jealous. I wish I could be that secure with animals in my life.

Alli, if you’re reading this… I just want you to know that you inspire me. You are beautiful, thoughtful, considerate, kind, sassy, funny, goofy, persistent, dedicated, adventurous and just amazing. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being my person. Keep on keeping on, cause I can’t live this life without you. ❤️

People Who Inspire Me Featuring: Maryanne and Just Craftin’ Around


Hello Everyone! I have decided to start a new feature on my blog all about people who inspire me! This week I am featuring my good friend Maryanne.

Maryanne and I have been friends for awhile. We met at work and have both bonded over crocheting, Qudoba, Mean Girls quotes and just being crafty. Maryanne is an amazing artist! She has created a page on FB called Just Craftin’ Around. This page features all her awesome paintings! Check them out!

Maryanne also sells her paintings at local craft shows and online. Her paintings are beautiful and absolutely affordable! If you are interested in one of her paintings, feel free to contact her at her Just Craftin’ Around FB page.

Check Out Her Page Below!

Just Craftin’ Around

A Baby Girl

Poems, Pregnancy

On Monday November 26th, I was experiencing a lot of baby fever. I really wanted to start a family, but also really wanted to finish school. So, I wrote this poem to capture my feelings and desires of having a baby girl someday. After my 8 week ultrasound in February, I was flipping through my notebook and completely forgot that I wrote this poem. I had no idea that when I wrote this I would become pregnant just over a month later.

A Baby Girl Monday November 26th, 2018

Dear Lord, why do I bother?

All I truly long for, is to be a mother.

For as long as I can remember…

I have wanted a baby that I can hold forever.

This child I will one day receive,

Will truly be a gift, that I can’t believe.

I will love her with an everlasting love.

And I will dedicate that child to the one up above.

This will be the next generation of me,

And she will be someone sassy you’ll see.

Lord, please transform me into a mother.

And in turn, I will truly love her.

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