My Summer 2019 Bucket List… in Review ☀️

I know it’s a little late, but I have finally reviewed my summer bucket list and am ready to share with you all the awesome things I accomplished this summer. Take A Weekend Getaway with my Husband Some may say Mother’s Day isn’t technically considered summer, however I am a college student and I considerContinue reading “My Summer 2019 Bucket List… in Review ☀️”

My First Big Opportunity as a Blogger: Sharing My Story in Toi Magazine

By June 2019 my blog and Instagram had really taken off. Parts of me was thankful and overwhelmed by the comments and subscribers I was receiving everyday. However, I also felt a sense of fear and vulnerability that I had never experienced before. In someway I just wanted to throw it all away, my blogContinue reading “My First Big Opportunity as a Blogger: Sharing My Story in Toi Magazine”

Things to Say and Do After a Woman Has Had a Miscarriage

A few months ago I wrote a blog post titled The Hurtful Things People Say and What not to Say After a Woman Has Had a Miscarriage. I had quite a response to this post, as not only did people find it helpful, but also encouraged me to write a follow up post about ThingsContinue reading “Things to Say and Do After a Woman Has Had a Miscarriage”

Redecorating My Home Office

There’s just something truly satisfying about organizing and redecorating. This summer since I have had the opportunity to relax and stay home, I have been extremely motivated to organize and redecorate my whole apartment. One of the very first rooms I tackled this summer was my spare room. My spare room or second bedroom hasContinue reading “Redecorating My Home Office”

People Who Inspire Me: Meet My Daddy… A True Patriot 🇺🇸

“Anyone can be a father… but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” This is something my Dad used to tell me all the time. When I was 6 years old, I met my Dad. He wasn’t my Dad at the time, he was a parent volunteer at my elementary school. He was theContinue reading “People Who Inspire Me: Meet My Daddy… A True Patriot 🇺🇸”

Receiving the Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Ilona Madam over at Thank you Ilona so much for this nomination! It truly means a lot. In fact this is the very first blog award nomination I have ever received, so thank you! And for those of you who are reading, please take aContinue reading “Receiving the Sunshine Blogger Award”

Completing My Internship

I was seriously starting to feel like this day would never come. I started my internship at a government agency on January 8th, 2019. I started this adventure the day before I got pregnant. I switched internship sites around February 7th… when I was 8 weeks into my pregnancy. After many, many extensions, missed andContinue reading “Completing My Internship”

Biblical Scriptures I Found Helpful After A Miscarriage

After my miscarriage, I was very angry with God. I appreciated people who prayed for me, but I did not want to hear of God’s promises or biblical scripture. I was having a crisis of faith. Eventually, I was able to find joy and forgiveness in God and what He has planned for me. TheContinue reading “Biblical Scriptures I Found Helpful After A Miscarriage”

My Self Care Plan… and How to Create Your Own Self Care Plan.

As an aspiring Family Life Educator, I have been educated on and practically had the importance of self care drilled into my head. Self care is basically what an individual chooses to do in order to take care of themselves. Self care is extremely important for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health as wellContinue reading “My Self Care Plan… and How to Create Your Own Self Care Plan.”

Abortion: A Topic That is Triggering to Women Who Have Miscarried

With all the talk of abortion lately… I decided to write this post. I was quite hesitant in that this topic is so controversial. Now my intention is not to turn this post into a debate or to push my views on to other people. My goal for this post is to simply offer aContinue reading “Abortion: A Topic That is Triggering to Women Who Have Miscarried”

Grief & Mercy Blog Post Round Up: A List of My Top Viewed, Liked and Commented Blog Posts

This is my very first Blog Post Round Up! I’m excited! I have compiled a list of the most liked, most viewed, most commented and overall most popular and favorite blog posts I have written so far. Writing in general is hugely therapeutic to me. However, writing my blog, and reflecting on my story hasContinue reading “Grief & Mercy Blog Post Round Up: A List of My Top Viewed, Liked and Commented Blog Posts”

Starting My Blog

As I went through grief counseling in April, I reached a lot of milestones. At this point I had gone through every stage of grief at least once, except for acceptance. I was starting to become more stable with my emotions, and ultimately I felt good as I made steps in the right direction. DuringContinue reading “Starting My Blog”

My Summer 2019 Bucket List Check In

Here’s a quick update of my summer bucket list and what I have accomplished thus far. My Summer Bucket List ✅ Take a weekend getaway with my husband Visit Lake Michigan 3 times 2/3 so far…. ✅ Go garage sailing Visit 10 different cafés 5/10 so far…. ✅ Write up to 50 posts on myContinue reading “My Summer 2019 Bucket List Check In”

Leap of Faith

Hello World! My name is Kaylee. I’m taking a leap of faith by starting a blog. I’ve actually always wanted to start a blog, but never had the courage. Honestly, I didn’t really think I had anything worthy of reading and writing about…. until now. Recently, in a counseling appointment, I came to the realizationContinue reading “Leap of Faith”