My Summer Bucket List in Review

Hi friends! As I’ve been tying up some loose ends and wrapping up 2022, I realized, I NEVER posted my summer bucket list in review. I am so sorry! This year has been such a whirlwind and transitional period that I truly just forgot. Anyway, better late than never right?

  1. Grow a Garden and produce fruits, veggies and spices. ❎
  2. Go on some sort of family adventure (the zoo, the beach, the park, garage sailing, tulip festival etc.) ❎
  3. Establish a more consistent daytime routine for my Baby (Naps, feedings, playtime, tummy time, etc.) ✅
  4. Publish my Memoir ❎
  5. Start a weekly Yoga Routine ❎
  6. Finish Knitting Charles Sweater ❎
  7. Finish Reading the Entire Bible ❎
  8. Reorganize my Bathroom ❎
  9. Commit to going on Family Walks at least once a week, ❎
  10. Create some New Recipes ❎
  11. Introduce solid foods to my Baby ✅
  12. Start teaching Baby Sign Language in our Home. ✅
  13. Spend more time with my Family and Friends ✅
  14. Do Art Projects with my Baby ❎
  15. Reach 425 Written Blog Posts ❎

As you can see, I did not meet many goals on my bucket list this past summer. But you know what, I’m okay with that. Shortly, after having my son, I had many mom friends tell me The first year is just survival mode, especially with your first baby. So, I’m going to give myself grace. I’ve survived the summer and almost completely survived my first year as a mom. There will many other summers in the future I’m sure, that I will be able to set and accomplish goals on my bucket list. Until then I’m going to keep surviving and keep thriving.

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