An Update on Mackenzie’s Project

So remember last year, how I set a goal to donate a bunch of handmade baby hats to the hospital in remembrance of my angel baby Mackenzie? Well, I’m sure you can probably guess that, that didn’t happen. I did not make enough baby hats, and I also got pregnant a second time a lot faster than I expected. So… I pushed it off and said I would donate around Christmas. To be honest guys, I couldn’t do it. Emotionally, Christmas was HARD. I didn’t think I was going to survive it. Long story short, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with this project. As much as I want to donate to the hospital, it’s like it’s a reminder of what I don’t have. When I think about giving new moms, hats to put on their babies… I am reminded that my babies never got to wear the hats I made them. Is that selfish? Maybe. But when I donate and do something good for others, I too want to feel good about it… and not filled with jealousy, envy and anger. So, I guess the project is on hold for now. We will see where this project goes in the future.

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