Beginning My Career

I never truly thought I could get such an amazing job, while I’m still in college. I recently started the best job… and it kind of happen by accident. Do you remember how I shared my first big break as a blogger. I started my blog and promoted it on Instagram. After that, Toi Magazine found me and asked me for an interview. It was such a great opportunity, and at the time I had know idea what it would lead to.

In july while scrolling through Instagram stories I saw a post on Toi magazine’s page. It read that they were looking for interns to assist in advertising and marketing. I pondered on this post for a moment. It seemed like a really cool idea. I might be interested. I decided to message the editor Autunm and ask how it would work. Was it an internship online and was I qualified?

Autumn got back to me immediately. She told me I could do it completely online, and it wasn’t paid but I could possibly be hired in after a trial period. After receiving this message I was super excited. This would honestly be an amazing job. It might even be my dream job. I was super interested in the internship, and if things didn’t work out and I didn’t get hired, it would still be a great opportunity.

The next day I had a phone interview with Autumn. I was super nervous. I dressed up for the interview even though I knew she won’t see me. I honestly just wanted to feel confident. She asked a few questions and I was offered the internship. I was so excited. Finally, something good was happening. One month later I was hired as the Assistant Editor of Toi Magazine.

I absolutely love my job. I am able to assist with all sorts of tasks and talk to people just like me who have a story to tell.

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