Getting My Thyroid Rechecked

In late June I went back to my endocrine doctor to have my thyroid rechecked. I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know if the thyroid meds were truly working. I had noticed some difference including my hair felt healthier. I had more energy and motivation to do things and my metabolism felt more on track.

I got some blood work done before my appointment the day before. I hoped and prayed things were getting better. When I went to my appointment, my doctor was very clinical, and my husband and I both did not like that. I get that doctors are run down but, common on and show a little compassion. My doctor read my results and told me I was completely normal. My thyroid levels were exactly where they should be, and she seemed some what surprised that they normalized so quickly.

I was over the moon happy. Finally I was starting to feel better and I knew that my failing thyroid and excess weight gain wasn’t totally my fault. My doctor also assured us that my thyroid levels were in the prime place for pregnancy. Meaning when we choose to try for a baby again, my thyroid should cooperate this time.

One thought on “Getting My Thyroid Rechecked

  1. I am very happy to hear the good news about your thyroid, try to keep a healthy diet now and include at least moderate exercise, this way you can achieve a healthy pregnancy really quick. And for all the info about pregnancy, you know where to go ( my blog) lol.

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