My Summer 2019 Bucket List… in Review ☀️

I know it’s a little late, but I have finally reviewed my summer bucket list and am ready to share with you all the awesome things I accomplished this summer.

Take A Weekend Getaway with my Husband

Some may say Mother’s Day isn’t technically considered summer, however I am a college student and I consider my summer to begin May 1st. Anyway, I am really thankful Charles and I were able to take a weekend trip to the lake shore over Mother’s Day. It was a well needed trip for the both of us. If you interested in reading more about our trip, check out all 3 Mother’s Day posts.

Go to Garage Sales

At the end of June I not only had a garage sale, but I also purused a variety of different garage sales. I love garage sales. I always find so many interesting treasures. In fact at one garage sale I found a tv stand and a clothing rack for just $2! what a great deal!

Visit 10 Different Cafes

Unfortunately, I did not meet my goal of visiting 10 different cafes this summer. However I was able to visit 7. The following is a list of cafes that I did visit, and yes… I do consider a doughnut shop to be a café because they sell specialty coffees 🙂

  1. Tropical Smoothie Café
  2. Dunkin’ Doughnuts Café
  3. Biggby Coffee Café
  4. Chocolate Factory Café
  5. Water Street Café
  6. Casa Café
  7. Sweetwater’s Doughnut Café

Write 50 Blog Posts

I majorly surpassed this goal, and I am so proud of myself. Instead of writing 50 blog posts, I have actually written 83 so far! What can I say, I’m dedicated

Go to Disneyland

Sadly, my Aunt and I did not make it to Disneyland this Summer. but that’s okay, maybe another time.

See Aladdin in Theaters

I was going to see Aladdin in theaters with my Aunt, but I was too excited and decided to go see it with my husband a week sooner. I was really surprised by how much I loved it! First off, I completely forgot that Will Smith could sing, and let me tell you… he played the part of the genie so incredibly well. I think Robin Williams would be proud. I loved the music and just everything about this movie. It was the perfect balance of new entertainment, and a classic comparison to the cartoon version.

Commit to a Weekly Workout Routine

By mid July, I was getting super nervous I wasn’t going to be able to meet this goal… but I did! In July I started walking around my apartment about 2 miles every other day. In the beginning of August, my friend Alli and I bought a gym membership and have been working out 3 days a week. Each day we focus on a different muscle group: Upper body, Core, Legs and Arms. It has been going great and I hope to continue this routine at least until Christmas.

Reorganize and Decorate my Apartment

This summer I spent a lot of time working on my apartment. I organized closets, got rid of junk and clutter, and bought some great home décor. It was very therapeutic. If you are interested in reading about how I reorganized my home office, then check out my previous post Redoing My Home Office.

Complete My Internship

I really thought I would never finish this internship. I had so many ups and downs in the Spring semester, I was super close to quitting. But I didn’t give up. I completed my internship and I am that much closer to graduation.

See Toy Story 4 in Theaters

The day that Toy Story 4 came out, I went to see it in theaters with my Aunt and my Husband. It was so good! I was slightly nervous going in, considering the fact that it’s the fourth movie, and most movies don’t do that well. But considering the fact that this movie series has Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, I was confident they wouldn’t disappoint. I am not going to give anything away, but the Toy Story movies always leave me with a mix of closure as well as a mix of wanting more. So, who knows? Maybe, just maybe they will come out with another one.

Visit with Old Friends

I wasn’t able to visit with as many old friends as I had wanted, but I am trying to make that a priority as we head into the fall season.

Read 2 New Books

This Summer I read Loved Baby and There was Supposed to Be a Baby. Both of these books were great and I highly recommend them to anyone who has experienced pregnancy loss. If you are interested in reading my book review on Loved Baby, then check out my previous post Love Baby Book Review. My book review on There was Supposed to Be a Baby is coming soon.

Go Kayaking

There were a few times I was going to go kayaking this summer, but it just didn’t happen.

See a Dog’s Journey in Theaters

I saw A Dog’s Journey in May and it was adorable! I loved how the movie captures what the dog is thinking and the adorable bond between dog and man. It gave me all the feels.

Start Eating Healthier

In alot of ways I have struggled to eat healthier this summer, but in others I have made some progress. I started incorporating more veggies into my diet, and I have tried cutting back on the carbs… especially pasta.

Lose 15lbs.

I didn’t reach this goal, as I only lost 7lbs. But that’s okay. I am doing my best to try and not be discouraged, but to keep pushing forward.

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