My First Big Opportunity as a Blogger: Sharing My Story in Toi Magazine

By June 2019 my blog and Instagram had really taken off. Parts of me was thankful and overwhelmed by the comments and subscribers I was receiving everyday. However, I also felt a sense of fear and vulnerability that I had never experienced before. In someway I just wanted to throw it all away, my blog and my story, but in others I wanted to keep pushing forward despite my overwhelming feeling of vulnerability. I decided to keep moving forward because I knew somewhere in this world, my story would help someone. I knew in someway, I was making a difference in this world.

After publishing my blog post The Hurtful Things People Say and What Not to Say After a Woman Has Had a Miscarriage, I received a message from Toi Magazine. As I read the message I was paralyzed with excitement and curiosity. The purpose of the message was to inquire if I would be interested in an interview with Toi Magazine and my story of suffering a miscarriage. I couldn.t believe it! I was actually being offered the opportunity to share my story in an international magazine! I had always dreamed of being published, but never knew if it would be possible. I talked over the message with my husband and my parents, then agreed to the interview.

Within two weeks I was sent various interview question prompts that I could do to write and share my story. I was in contact with the editor and expressed to her my gratitude of allowing me such an awesome opportunity to share my story. After I submitted my story, I couldn’t wait to see my article published.

The June/July issue of Toi Magazine was published July 2nd, 2019. I quickly jumped on Instagram and the website and perused the magazine… for a moment I was scared it wasn’t published, but then I found it. Four full pages of my article, my story and my big break.

If you are interested in reading the June/July Issue of Toi Magazine, click the link below.

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