Getting the Call From the Social Worker

The last week of April, which was the middle of finals week, I received a call from the social worker. This was the same social worker I had called a month ago and left a message stating that I was not doing well. I answered the phone, not realizing it was her until I answered. She said she had called me a few days after I left a message and didn’t hear back…. I don’t remember ever receiving that call.

Throughout the conversation, we discussed my emotional and mental stability and how I was doing overall. As much as I appreciated her calling to check on me, I was still very angry. I still found it very upsetting that when I was pregnant I was offered a social worker immediately. However, I was never offered a social worker or any resources once I miscarried… besides when I requested to speak with a Chaplin. During this conversation I decided to express my anger to the social worker. I tried to not be rude but certainly adamant about my anger and how I was treated. As the conversation continued, the social worker asked me if I had ever received the folder from the OB office full of resources and information on what to expect after a miscarriage. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I was supposed to be offered a folder full of resources and NEVER RECEIVED THEM! I had fallen through the cracks and this enraged me.

A few days later, I received the folder from the OB office in the mail. As I went through the folder I discovered resources on grief, counseling, lactating etc. I discovered dozens of resources that would have been nice to have two months ago, but now I no longer needed. I found it sad that I was not offered these resources when I needed them. But more than that, it sickened me to think of all the other women who fall between the cracks when it comes to recovery after miscarriage. This not only motivated me but strongly encouraged my passion to advocate for moms like me.

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