When The Physical Pain Returns

TMI & Trigger Warning!

This post is about my first period following a miscarriage and D & C. I will not share every detail but I will share many details that may be triggering. My hope in sharing this experience is to help women relate and know what to expect for the first period after losing a baby. If this is triggering in anyway, I encourage you to stop and take care of you. Please go to my resource page to find links that can be helpful.

When The Physical Pain Returns: Starting My Period For The First Time After A Miscarriage and D & C

On Thursday April 18th, I was not feeling good. It was exactly 7 weeks since my D & C. I had seen my counselor earlier in the day, and had mentioned I still hadn’t started my period. Normally, women start their period anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks following a miscarriage. I had become slightly concerned that it hadn’t come yet. At the same time, I was okay with it. The thought of having my period increased my anxiety. I knew having a period would be good because it would mean my body was getting back to normal. At the same time, having a period was just another visual that my pregnancy was over. By this time all of my pregnancy symptoms were gone including lactation… thank goodness. But I was still sad I wasn’t pregnant anymore. That night I started my period…. and it was horrible.

I woke up the next morning in so much pain. I was in worse pain than I was after my D & C. I couldn’t move or get out of bed. If I had to go the bathroom, I was there forever because I didn’t have the energy to move. Charles took care of me as I laid in bed. He warmed up my heating pads, gave me Motrin and fed me chocolate. It sucked but I was thankful he was home and taking care of me,

The most concerning thing about my period was the clots. I had had clots in the past but never anything bigger than a quarter. However, during this period I was having clots the size of golf balls. It was awful. It was painful. I hated it, I wasn’t losing a lot of blood, it was just incredibly painful. I had heard and read that the first period after a miscarriage can be bad, I just had no idea until I experienced it.

My period lasted for 8 long brutal days. I experienced some moments of flashbacks, anxiety and night terrors. I was thankful once it was over. As hard as it was to be down and out during that time, I’m glad it’s over, as I was able to take a step in the right direction and move past this.

Now I’m not a doctor, but if you have any questions or concerns regarding your first period after a miscarriage, I strongly encourage you to contact your OB.

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