People Who Inspire Me: Meet Alli

Alli and I have been friends for 11 years. Ironically enough, we met at her house during a Boy Scout event for her brother. I anxiously had to pee while at her house and she generously invited me in to use her bathroom. After that, her sister Andrea asked me to play volleyball and the rest is history. We have a running joke that if if weren’t for Jesus and my bladder, we wouldn’t have become friends. So thank you Jesus for my blessed bladder.

As much as Alli and I are friends, I think we are more opposite than alike. Alli is incredibly bold and adventurous. However, I am timid and like to play it safe. Alli likes to be physically and academically challenged. Where as I like to be more spiritually and emotionally challenged. Alli is great at observing and listening. I’m like that too, except for when I am with her, Then I am a huge chatter box.

In many ways Alli and I are alike. For instance we both have a similar sense of humor. Alli and I are constantly sending each other different memes and videos just to get the other to laugh. It’s great! We also tend to like to do the same activities including, swimming, shopping… especially at Hobby Lobby, going to the beach, eating chocolate, drinking coffee, being crafty and simply enjoying nature.

To say I’m proud of Alli seems like such an understatement. She is such an incredible inspiration, and I feel so honored to know her. Alli is a paramedic first responder. She does the work that many don’t want to do. She has seen, heard, and experienced things that no human ever should. She works on holidays, long shifts and takes long commutes all to save lives and help her patients. She’s a life saver. She’s seen the bad and the ugly, but has also helped every day people. She has a very important career and that in itself is truly inspiring to me.

When Alli isn’t working and saving lives, she is often either taking some self care and relaxing or spending time with her friends and family. Alli is a rare gem. She is one of those friends who actually puts effort into a friendship. She is also willing to keep in touch, and check in just to see if you are doing okay. I love her so much! Her dedication and loyalty as a friend and human is simply incredible.

Though life isn’t always perfect, and we all have ups and downs in life. When Alli needs a little more unconditional love, she often finds it in helping animals. She is so good with all animals, I am slightly jealous. I wish I could be that secure with animals in my life.

Alli, if you’re reading this… I just want you to know that you inspire me. You are beautiful, thoughtful, considerate, kind, sassy, funny, goofy, persistent, dedicated, adventurous and just amazing. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being my person. Keep on keeping on, cause I can’t live this life without you. ❤️

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