Receiving the Healing and Growth Award

On Friday April 12th, we had our end of the semester Peer Educator Party at my internship. During the party we did some professional development training as well as had a catered dinner from Fazoli’s. It was a great way to end the semester. During the party the Health Promotion internship coordinators also handed out awards to a few very deserving peer educators. There were a variety of different awards including the Above and Beyond award, the Collaboration award and the Healing and Growth award.

When my coordinator announced the Healing and Growth award, I had no idea who it was intended for. As she announced the award she explained that the peer educator who would be receiving it was being recognized for overall dedication to the program, willingness to be introspective, dedication to self growth and healing, and dedication to survivor growth and healing. I looked around the room full of 20+ peer educators, excited to see who would be recognized. My coordinator Danielle then called me up. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I started crying as photos were taken. I gave my coordinator a hug and told her thank you.

Receiving the Healing and Growth award through my FIRE Internship was an awesome milestone. I had come so far this semester from getting pregnant, switching internship sites, having a miscarriage, having surgery, enduring the grieve process, finding myself again and doing my best to try and complete this semester. I was very thankful for this award, as it truly displayed my current goals of growth and healing after my miscarriage. It also inspired me to keep going, keep growing and keep healing.

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