Seeking Counseling

Last October I started seeing a counselor at my university. I decided to start seeking a counselor to help me get a handle on my anxiety as well as getting help in dealing with the daily struggles of college. In the spring semester I didn’t have any appointments scheduled at the beginning. In December my counselor and I decided I was on the right track, but if I ever needed to come back I could always make an appointment. When I found out I was pregnant, I realized I should definitely make an appointment as this was an added stress to my life… in a good way. Unfortunately, due to the many snow days and OB appointments, I didn’t actually get in to see my counselor until I was 10 weeks. At that appointment I was stressed but so excited. My counselor helped me talk things out.

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After I had my miscarriage, I didn’t get in to see my counselor until about three weeks after. I hardly ever cry in counseling. It’s almost like I think it’s more important to talk since I have the opportunity so I just don’t feel like I need to. However, at the appointment after my miscarriage I sat in silence for awhile. I stared at my counselor. I wanted to speak but I couldn’t. My mouth wasn’t working. After ten minutes I ended up finally saying “I had my 11 week ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. My baby died” and that was it. I cried for the rest of the hour long session. I was able to say a few sentences here and there, but overall I just cried.

From that point on I have had a weekly appointment with my counselor. She has been incredibly helpful. I absolutely love counseling and would recommend it to anyone. I realize there’s a lot of stigma and shame when it comes to counseling, but honesty I think it’s just nice to word vomit all my problems, and someone is obligated to listen. I am also someone who loves hearing about different strategies and coping skills, however I am usually too stubborn to try them. For example, I have signed up for a yoga class three times… and still have yet to go. Regardless, I know I still have things I need to work on and I’m so thankful I am able to get the help I need.

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