The Bears 🙏

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the prayer bear the Chaplin gave me at the hospital, was actually a bear I had seen before. Years before I was born, my mom had a child who died as a baby due to an unknown genetic condition. A few years later my mom was given a gift from her best friend in remembrance of the son she lost and as a symbol of faith… the prayer bear. So, when the Chaplin handed me my prayer bear, I knew I had seen one before. What are the odds my mom and I would both be given the exact same prayer bear for practically the same reason?

Finding this out made me realize something. My mom and I both lost a child… maybe not in the same way, but we both have experienced the trauma and excruciating loss that comes with losing a child. Realizing this made me cry… a lot. But, it also gave me comfort. My mom and I both experienced a similar loss, and because of this we have been able to bond and become closer. In some ways, I hate that we’ve both had to go through this pain. However, I find comfort and joy knowing both our babies are in Heaven.

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