My Summer 2019 Bucket List ☀️

Self care is extremely important to me, and more so now since after enduring a tremendous loss in my life. This summer I am taking the opportunity to rest, rejuvenate and take care of myself. I have created a list of summer goals I hope to complete by September 1st 2019.

My Summer Bucket List

  1. Take a weekend getaway with my husband
  2. Visit Lake Michigan 3 times
  3. Go garage sailing
  4. Visit 10 different cafés
  5. Write up to 50 posts on my blog
  6. Go to Disneyland
  7. See Aladdin in theaters
  8. Commit to a weekly workout routine
  9. Reorganize and decorate my apartment
  10. Complete my internship
  11. See Toy Story 4 in theaters
  12. Visit with old friends
  13. Read 2 new books
  14. Go kayaking
  15. See A Dog’s Journey in theaters
  16. Start Eating Healthier
  17. Lose 15lbs

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