It’s Hard Keeping a Secret Like This…

On the morning of Sunday February 3rd, my husband and I got ready for church. On the ride there we talked about when we should start telling others about our “new little edition.” We were excited but also cautious. I was sick all the time and it was getting hard to hide my symptoms. We wanted to tell Charles’ side of the family and other close friends because we wanted them to be apart of this journey with us. However, we were hesitant in sharing the news in that is was still really early. At this point I was only 7 weeks and 6 days pregnant. We both couldn’t help but fear… what if we lose the baby? Is it going to be hard to tell people we lost the baby? There is a very high percentage of having a miscarriage in the first trimester, which is the first 12 weeks. But knowing this, we still chose to tell Charles’ side of the family and close friends because if we were to lose the baby, we would want the support of others and not suffer in silence.

When we arrived at church I felt like everyone could tell I was “with child”. Granted, we were just at church two weeks prior, but a lot changes in two weeks when you’re pregnant. When we arrived Charles got a phone call from his mom. Ironically, she happen to be in town that weekend and wanted to see her baby boy. Charles left for a little while during the service. When he came back I asked what happen.

“Did you tell her!?” I asked eagerly…. while trying not to be too loud as the pastor was preaching.

“Oh, she already knew!” He said matter of factly. “She’s Momma she knows everything.” I busted up laughing. Of course she knew… a mother always knows.

Once the service was over, we met up with Charles’ sister, nieces and nephews. We excitedly told his sister that she would be getting a new niece or nephew and told his nieces and nephews they would soon have a new cousin. We also told our pastor we were having a little one on the way. They were all very excited for us.

On our way home we stopped to visit Charles mom again. Of course it wasn’t a quick stop, and she pampered me and baby with some homemade food. She was over the moon about being a Grandma again. We also stopped at my parents house and they spoiled us with food to take home. Before this experience, I could only imagine the joy that a baby can bring to a family…. and now I was living in that joy, and it was wonderful.

Around this time I also had my Mom tell my Grandma that I was pregnant. Her first reaction was…

“I knew she was pregnant!” And then when my mom called her Great Grandma she started to cry. It was really sweet.

In the evening of this day I texted a few more close friends and told them I was pregnant. Some of them were in disbelief while others congratulated us and were immediately excited. This was a really exciting time and I was so thankful for it.

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