The Quilt

On Saturday January 19th, my husband and I were having a very relaxing day at home. My friend Alli texted me and asked if she could drop by and give me something. I quickly tidied up my living room (…because I hadn’t done anything that day.) and prepared for her arrival. My pregnancy symptoms intensified each day. I became more sleepy, out of breathe when going up and down stairs, and the smell of tuna fish was not appealing… but no vomiting yet.

A little while later Alli and Kevin came over. Alli greeted me and said.

“I made your baby a quilt!” She handed it to me. I was so touched and wanted to start crying… yup, I was definitely pregnant. I held up the baby quilt and gushed over the cute little bears and sloths that were on every other little square, I hugged the quilt and then I hugged Alli. Apparently, she had been working on this little surprise pretty much since the day we found out I was pregnant.

I couldn’t believe it. This was the very first gift my baby received and I would cherish it always. ❤️

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