Sharing the News!

Telling Charles…

The night I found out I was pregnant, my friend Alli and I made a late night run to the CVS store just down the road for some prenatal vitamins. Alli stayed with me for a little while as I slowly overcame my shock and talked about all that I was feeling. We later got a text from Charles saying he was on his way home.

When he arrived and after Alli left, I tried my best to play it cool. In the last five hours, I had quickly realized I am really bad at playing it cool. When Charles saw my face he immediately knew something was up.

“What?” He said frozen trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

“I’m just happy to see you.” I said trying to work my way into the conversation… instead of just blurting it out like I wanted too.

“You can’t fool me, you look like you want to say something.” He said very persistent. Crap, I knew I wasn’t able to keep it together for long. He knows me too well. We made our way over to the couch. He started organizing his backpack and setting up his saxophone. “Just tell me.” He said.

“I took a pregnancy test…. and it…. was positive.” I said very hesitant. The reason I was hesitant is not because I was afraid he would be mad, it was more because it wasn’t planned and I just didn’t know how we were going to figure all this out.

“No you’re not.” He said sternly. Well, that response threw me off.

“Yes I am.” I said reassuringly.

“Quit playing.” He said. Okay, he was obviously in denial.

“I am… do you want to see the tests?” I said. I mean I wasn’t lying. Charles was quiet for what felt like forever, but really only about a minute.

“Okay, well I’m glad you told me. We’ll figure this out.” He said calmly. That’s the reaction I was looking for. Charles continued to be in shock for the next few days, but he slowly came around and got excited.

Telling Jeanie and Reaghan…..

Thursday January 10th, I was still in shock. Honestly, I was still in shock for a good two weeks. That particular day was very busy. I went to my internship from 8 – 3:30pm and then headed to campus for a meeting of the student organization I was apart of. When heading to the meeting I was slightly thankful that I hadn’t heard from my closest friends at school in awhile. To be honest, I was kind of avoiding them. I knew if they saw me, they would read it all over my face… because we’ve already established I’m really bad at playing it cool.

I walked into the building and headed up the stairs. I stopped when I saw Reaghan sitting on the stairs talking on the phone. Why is she here? I thought. She waved hi to me and continued talking on the phone. I suddenly got really anxious and didn’t know what to do. I walked up the stairs and then saw Jeanie. Oh crap…. I’m not gonna be able to hide this. I then walked back down the stairs. I considered leaving but realized I couldn’t because I was the Vice President of this group. I then headed back up the stairs and paused midway. Reaghan stopped talking on the phone and looked at me very concerned.

“Are you okay?” She said staring at me. Uh… no, I just found I’m pregnant and I’m freaking out. But it’s cool, I’m fine. I was so conflicted, but Charles and I weren’t ready to tell people yet.

“Yeah… I’m fine.” I said and quickly headed up the stairs. I saw Jeanie and asked her to follow me. We headed to my professor’s office. Now, this professor is not like any other professor. She is literally one of my biggest cheerleaders at school. She has helped me and Jeanie both so much on personal stuff and stuff pertaining to school. Sure, her assignments stress me out sometimes, but overall she is great.

Jeanie and I walked into my professor’s office. She greeted us and said she was excited to see us. I told Jeanie to close the door because I was literally about to burst.

“What’s going on? You look tired.” My professor said concerned. I stared at her and Jeanie and just let it out.

“I’m just really stressed and overwhelmed…” I started sobbing at this point. “And I just found out that I’m pregnant.” Both Jeanie and my professor gasped and covered their mouths. It was in sync. It was great. “So yeah, I’m tired.” Jeanie and my professor both stood in shock.

“Oh my gosh… are we happy about this?” My professor asked cautiously. I continued sobbing.

“Yes, I mean I’ve always wanted kids…. I just thought it would be once I’m done with school.” I said sobbing. My professor gave me a hug. I didn’t know it at the time but Jeanie texted Reaghan during this time. Reaghan entered the office.

“You have news?” Reaghan said. Jeanie and my professor looked at me eagerly.

“Kaylee has news.” Jeanie said excitedly. Reaghan looked at me. I pulled out my phone and tried finding a picture of the pregnancy tests. Suddenly, I was startled because Reaghan figured it out.

“Is it a baby?! YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!?…. Oh Kaylee, give me a hug!” I was then tackled by a group hug by Reaghan, Jeanie and my professor.

Telling Andrea…

Okay, so do you remember that show ICarly? Well, me and my friends used to like that show as teenagers. At some point when that show was really popular they had ICarly toys at McDonalds, and for what ever reason I got a ‘magic meatball’ from McDonalds that was part of the show. The magic meatball in the show was basically a magic 8 ball,

So, on the evening on January 10th, my friend Andrea sent me a Snapchat video. In the video Andrea explained that she found the magic meatball we had when we were kids. I honestly thought we got rid of it a long time ago. In the video Andrea held up the meatball and said “Magic meatball… is Kaylee pregnant?” She pressed the button on the magic meatball and it said “The answer is no.” She then said. “The meatball said no, I guess you’re not pregnant.” The video ended and I busted up laughing. What are the odds that she would ask me that the day after I found out. I texted Andrea and decided to break the news…. After all, she is kind of the reason I took the test in the first place.

Kaylee: The meatball said no?

Andrea: Yes… guess that’s how it is then.

Kaylee: It’s inaccurate then.

Andrea: Wait What!?!? Are you for reals?!

I then sent her the picture of the pregnancy tests.

Andrea: Oh my word Kaylee I’m so excited for you!!!!

Telling my Parents…

On Saturday January 12th, the shock was slowly starting to wear off. I started doing a lot of research on pregnancy, babies, diet and anything else I could think of. As much as these different materials helped, I really just wanted to talk to my mom. Charles and I talked it over, and we agreed it was okay if I told my parents. That morning I called my mom… and I chickened out. I told her I really needed to talk to her but I hesitated and asked her just to call me later. That evening she called me, and I knew I needed to tell her.

Mom: “Hi… you wanted me to call you.”

Kaylee: “Yeah… I um… have to tell you something.”

Mom: “Okay.” It was silent. “Go ahead and tell me.”

Kaylee: “I’m scared.”

Mom: “it’s okay, tell me.”

Kaylee: “Don’t be mad okay….”

Mom: “Okay, tell me.”

Kaylee: “I umm… was three days late for my period… so…. I took a pregnancy test on Wednesday… and um it said I was pregnant, and I took a second pregnancy test and that one also said I was pregnant.” My Mom was silent.

Mom: “………………ok………sigh……….ok………what does that mean regarding school?”

Kaylee: “Um, I guess I will have to go part time or take a semester off and finish up in June 2019.”

Mom: “Okay…… Are you okay?”

Kaylee: “Yeah, I’m okay…….. Are you mad?”

Mom: “No, I’m not mad…… Can you tell you’re Dad?”

Kaylee: “Yeah” I said hesitant.

My Mom handed my Dad the phone and said “You’re daughter needs to tell you something.”

Dad: “Hello.”

Kaylee: “Hi Daddy”

Dad: “Hi Sweetie, what’s up?”

Kaylee: “Don’t be mad okay….?”

Dad: “Okay” He said sounding confused.

Kaylee: “I umm… was a little late… so on Wednesday I took a pregnancy test and it said I was pregnant. Then I took a second one, and it also said I was pregnant.”

Dad: “Okay, WOW. Well…. congratulations. I know this wasn’t planned but I’m happy for you and Mom and I will be thinking about you and praying for you.”

Kaylee: “Thank you” I started to cry.

Dad: “What’s important now is that you get in to see a doctor so you can be taken care of, okay?”

Kaylee: “Okay”

Dad: “We love you, we’re always here for you. Congratulations.”

Kaylee: “Thanks Dad.”

Well, when telling my parents I actually expected complete opposite reactions from both of them. When I broke the news to my mom she was really shocked, and even admitted it in a text that evening. I expected her to be excited right away. My Dad on the other hand, I expected to be in shock like my mom was, but instead he was excited and very reassuring.

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